English language services for
biologists and medical scientists

Proofreading, translation and improvement of scientific manuscripts and documents for the non-native English speaking research community in biology in medicine.
We are located in the heart of Southern France, with an international client base.

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Developed with the community of biologists and medicine scientists in mind

Helping you share your results

Effective skills in written English are vital to sharing your research results with the global scientific community. The manuscript, document and Web content editing or translating services offered by IMPROVENCE can elevate the quality and message of your writing, highlighting the value of your research.


A guarantee of quality

At IMPROVENCE you receive a personalized service, always the same standard of quality and never any sub-contracting.
These proofreading and improvement services are provided by an American scientist, trained in insect neurobiology (PhD from Cornell University, USA).

Brandon LOVEALL (PhD)
Brandon LOVEALL (PhD)

Translator and creator of Improvence